Enable SNMP in VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi 6.x

If you are using SNMP to manage/monitor your devices on your network then you might think about enabling SNMP on your ESXi host, this will give you more information about the performance on your host. Depending on what monitoring/management platform you are using could really make this not a worthwhile change to your ESXi host

How To: Setup Auto login on Windows

The following is going to outline all of the steps to setup auto login using several different methods.  This can be useful for machines that are setup as a kiosk or in environments where there is only one user using the machine.  Auto Login is idea for situations where you are operating in a secure

How To: Find the Computer Serial Number

Sometimes getting the serial number of your computer off of the case/chassis is not possible due to it being inside a cabinet with short cables, the sticker is missing or worn out or whatever else the situation is that prevents you from just looking at the sticker.  Well this quick guide will tell you how